lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Space Brothers by Luna Catl

U took my hand softly
N cut my finger abrutly…
U kissed me once
N punched twice

U were there for my b-day
But not there for my funeral
U called me your friend
N u tried me like ur worst enemy

U introduced me to the cutest boy
N u made up with him 3 minutes later

U laughed when I made a joke
But when I was in troubles u moked

U said u came from another planet
Well u look human to me..
Coz u r selfish n hipocrit

I think i am the one who comes from a nother planet
N learned that here
The only ones u can really trust
Are ur family n ur cat
Well u are none of those
That’s luck!

The funiest thing here
Is what u always repit
We’ll be “friends” forever!
Let me say…

What ever!

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